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Class 7 - Champion Class Judged By Jim Pollock (Stanedykes)


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Results Of Show Pose Champion Class 7



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First off let me thank Brenda, Geoff and Linda for organising the competition. Im sure it gave us an opportunity to take our minds off the virus for a spell.


Surprisingly I found this assignment quite challenging. Like every judging appointment compromises had to be made. I looked for a good head , because I believe the head defines the breed,  enough neck, not a neck you could knot, running into good shoulders. I looked for a level back, not sloping like a German Shepard. And definitely not overly exaggerated hind angulation. In all the show classes there were lovely dogs, Im sure Mary and Sybil also found it challenging.


In the Champions class I was spoiled for choice. Imagine what it would be like to see all these dogs in the ring together?. What a pleasure it would be to go over them, but what a headache trying to separate them.


1st. 21. Stunning head that immediately catches the eye. Look closer and you see this cairn has all the essentials. Looks to have correct neck running into good shoulders, front assembly looks to be ok. Level top line, no exaggeration visible in the hind quarters. Looks to be in very good coat and condition.



2d.  33, another lovely cairn, looks a picture standing. The photo says it all. Everything is there to see, nice head   enough neck, correct shoulder placement, looks to have good spring of rib, good tail set and very good hind quarters. Looks to be in very good coat and condition. Certainly an eye catcher. T


3D.  4, much the same remarks apply, very typical, could only be a cairn terrier, and a Champion at that. Looks to be at the top of his game. Something that particularly caught my eye was the feet, nothing ferrety there.  



4 th. 27,  not sure the photo does the dog justice, there is a slight appearance of over angulation by the way the dog is stretching out. Im sure the camera caught him at the wrong moment. Other than that this is a very nice cairn and a worthy Ch.. Looked like a dog who would immediately catch the eye. a very typical cairn with lovely head and expression. Looked to be in very good coat and condition. Rugged but certainly not ragged.


5th. 12.  Light wheaten, particularly liked the way the neck swept down to correct shoulders. Excellent top line, correct tail set, looked to be well bodied with sufficient spring of rib. Absolutely nothing exaggerated. Particularly liked the presentation.