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Best Show Pose Puppy In Breed - Judged By Mary Middlehurst




9-12 months

5 J. van Baaren - Ciraz Cloud Of Joy




22 Danielssonís No Copyright I Like It I Love It


Show Pose



18 Danielssonís Tom Trickís Fancy Little Fire Fairy




Thank you for inviting me to judge the puppy classes for our very first virtual Cairn show. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for taking the time to sort out photographs of their lovely cairns some from many years ago. Also thanks to Brenda,Geoff & Linda for their hard work putting this altogether.

Firstly let me say it is even more difficult to judge without getting ones hands on the exhibit & inability to assess their movement. I also took into consideration the fact that some Cairns had been set up by their owners and in some instances photo enhancements A Cairn should be medium in all its attributes with no exaggerations, have a natural outgoing temperament and must have the correct desired head & expression. With our Cairn standard foremost in my mind I set about the task I had been given.


Class One, 1st 18 This lovely red puppy looked very mature, lovely head & ample neck flowing into level top line with correct tail set. Well balanced & constructed. Loved its well let down hocks,looked like the finished article. I wonder whose champion this was? Must have been a joy to own 2nd 17, 3rd 5, 4th 2, 5th 9

Class two, First, 22 This beautiful light brindled Cairn fills all I look for in a cairn so well balanced ,sporting a typical cairn head & no doubt lovely Cairny expression. Standing well forward on neat feet & good fore chest. Not exaggerated in any way. In bloom sporting a lovely coat & spot on in presentation. My BPIS. 2nd 20, 3rd 15, 4th 17, 5th 6


Class 3 1st 5. I just love this dark brindle cairn shown in correct coat in prime condition, all of the right attributes I can see a beautiful head, small well placed ears with a lovely dark eye sparkling through a well furnished head. Excellent topline & well proportioned balanced body. Tough decision between 22 for the top spot. RBPIS 2nd 8 3rd 2 4th 1 5th 6


Mary Middlehurst